Choose from a wide range of mouth-watering cake flavours to cater for all tastes!

Each sponge cake consists of four layers of sponge with your choice of filling and are approximately 5 inches deep.

The cake is then covered in chocolate ganache and covered in fondant icing ready for decoration.  

We use only the best quality ingredients to ensure cakes are perfectly fresh and tasty.

Our most popular cake flavours are listed below.  If you don’t see your favourite, please ask.

Light vanilla sponge filled with vanilla buttercream

Light vanilla sponge, filled with strawberry jam and vanilla buttercream

Light vanilla sponge filled with raspberry buttercream made with real berries and white chocolate

Chocolate sponge cake filled with a rich chocolate buttercream

Layers of chocolate sponge filled with a vanilla and crushed Oreo biscuit buttercream (also available with vanilla sponge)

Rich chocolate sponge filled with vanilla buttercream and a salted caramel sauce (optional mini fudge pieces)

Zesty lemon sponge filled with a light lemon buttercream and homemade lemon curd

Rich velvet sponge cake filled with white chocolate buttercream

Light green pistachio cake with ground pistachio nuts filled with honey and vanilla  buttercream

Light pink Champagne flavoured sponge filled with strawberry buttercream

Pink raspberry flavoured sponge filled with a raspberry buttercream made with real berries

Layers of light coffee sponge filled with a smooth and creamy vanilla buttercream

Light caramel flavoured sponge filled with Lotus Biscoff buttercream with a delicate crunch

Classic dried fruit cake aged for 4-6 weeks, soaked in alcohol, covered in almond paste and fondant icing

Ingredients used during baking include:

Wheat flour, eggs, dairy products (butter, cream and cows milk)